Ready to stand out?

Our repertoire of writing and PR services positions you and your brand as a leader in your field and establishes loyal, engaged customers.


Copywriting + brand journalism

We’re skilled in unearthing what clients want to say and helping them find the words to say it, through straightforward, savvy and persuasive copy.


Media Relations

Knowing which communications channels will have the greatest impact, we pitch newsworthy angles to secure exclusive editorial placement in print, broadcast and online networks.

Social Media

Along with social media strategy management, we can work with you to create custom content, visuals & hashtags to keep your audience engaged with your brand.

Event Marketing

We can plan and organize a campaign launch for your product or service, and will work to secure media coverage in print, TV, radio and/or online publications around the launch.


We’re a full-service, boutique public relations and communications firm specializing in promotional, publicity, and writing services for individual brands in finance, health care, retail, technology, non-profit and lifestyle sectors.

We believe that you should stand out. So, when you come to us with a communications request, we put our thinking hats on to design the right plan just for you. Whether you already have a thriving business and are looking to make some changes, or you’re just starting out, it’s our goal to make your brand that much better. 

We’ll collaborate with you to keep your brand relevant, in the public eye and part of the media buzz, whether it’s on the front pages of newspapers, mentions in the hottest blogs, interviews on TV shows, or sold-out attendance. Through strategic targeting and strong pitching, we’ll secure print and online placements to keep your brand in the forefront of your audience.




With over a decade of experience writing for print and digital publications and creating communications strategies for a number of small to mid-sized businesses and a Fortune 500 company, Paula Kehoe branched out on her own in 2016 to form Red Rock Communications, a Peterborough-based boutique communications firm specializing in copywriting and brand journalism, media relations, social media management, and event marketing for individual brands in finance, health care, retail, technology, non-profit and lifestyle sectors.

A former photojournalist at Sun Media and communications consultant at Canadian Tire and Sun Life Financial, Paula understands how to work with media and the appropriate ways to pitch a story, giving her an advantage at earning effective press coverage and ROI for her clients. She’s a regular contributor to several publications and enjoys shining a spotlight on stories of substance and expanding her relationships within the business community.

Paula is very passionate about giving back to the community and supporting local businesses and organizations. She is currently serving a two-year term on the Board of Directors of the Women’s Business Network of Peterborough as External Communications Director. She’s also a member of the Peterborough Chamber of Commerce.