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Looking to boost your conversion rates, build authority through your brand message, and attract high-quality leads? Are you at a loss for how to bring your brand message to life? Then, you’re in the right place. You know that fancy-pants words, cliché phrases, and industry jargon won’t cut it. You need copy that engages customers and turns them into your biggest fans.

Hey, friend. I’m Paula Kehoe, a copywriter based in Peterborough, Ontario. I use my 15 years of combined journalism and corporate communications experience to help businesses amplify their brand through content that drives more leads, more customers and more revenue.

I’ll get clear on your business goals, key messages and target audience. I’ll find out what’s working with your content, what’s not, and what you can change for more conversions. Then, I’ll dig deep to discover how you stand out from the competition.

The result? High-converting copy that communicates your value, connects with the needs of your customers and inspires them to take action.

You can browse my portfolio to see past work, find out about the writing services I offer, or contact me to discuss your project.

Areas of Focus


Website & Landing Pages

You have only seconds to capture the attention of someone who lands on your website. SEO might get them there and an eye-catching design might attract their interest, but it’s well-written content that’s going to persuade a prospect to hang around. I can write your website copy that will speak to your readers with purpose, clarity, and personality so you stand out from your competition.

Case Studies

Share your customer success stories to influence more prospects and boost revenue. A case study is a powerful sales and marketing tool to tell a story about a particular customer’s pain points and how they benefited from a service or product. Potential customers often pay attention to case studies as they’re looking for results based on real cause and effect stories. From the research to the interview to the write-up, I’ll take of the entire process so you can focus on getting leads and sales.

Media Releases

Media coverage of your business can generate huge consumer interest and be a big driver of business growth. Having worked in media, I understand what can get a journalist’s news juices flowing. This includes writing a good headline that grabs your reader’s attention, understanding what your reader will find interesting, and structuring the content so that the essential facts of the narrative are delivered for a journalist to build it into a story.

Direct Mail & Print Pieces

Sometimes a well-crafted message delivered to a physical mailbox can be more effective and persuasive than digital. A brochure, catalogue or flyer can also do double-duty as your marketing leave-behind or trade show/conference handout. It can showcase who you are and what you do, but, most importantly, it can show your customers how you’re going to find and solve their problems.

Ads & Campaigns

Need a head-turning ad or integrated campaign? I can write copy for print and digital ads and radio spots. Once I define your unique selling proposition, your value offer, and your desired call-to-action, I’ll be sure that the words in your ad campaign attracts and gets read.

My Work

Below is a small selection of projects showcasing my copywriting and creative services for clients in a variety of industries.


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