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Personality-filled copy and brand storytelling for businesses, entrepreneurs and creative agencies.

If you want to improve your response rates, clearly communicate your brand message, and generate high-quality leads, you’re in the right place.

Are you looking for a professional writer to communicate your product or service to the world? Are you at a loss for how to bring your message to life? You know that fancy-pants words, cliche phrases, and industry jargon won’t cut it. You need content that can create emotional connections with your audience and help boost your business.

Hey, friend. I’m Paula Kehoe, a copywriter based in Peterborough, Ontario. I use my 15 years of combined journalism and corporate communications experience to help companies and organizations amplify their brand through copy that’s engaging, inspiring and resonates.

I focus on turning stories into conversations, visitors into loyal fans, and campaigns into results. First, I’ll learn your business, then I’ll dig deep to discover your brand voice and how you stand out from the competition.

The result? Well-written, conversational copy that communicates your value, connects with the needs of your customers, and inspires them to take action.

You can browse my portfolio to see past work, find out about the writing services I offer, or contact me to discuss your project.

Areas of Focus

Website & Landing Pages

You have only seconds to capture the attention of someone who lands on your website. SEO might get them there and an eye-catching design might attract their interest, but it’s the content that’s going to persuade a prospect to hang around. I can write your website copy that will speak to your readers with purpose, clarity, and personality so you stand out from your competition.

Brand Journalism

People are looking for more than a quick sell. They want stories that speak to them. Using a journalistic approach, I can produce high-quality narratives and content for your brand that sparks a dialogue about your business or information that directly impacts your industry, creates a stronger connection with your ideal audience, and positions your business or organization as one worthy of doing business with.

Media Releases

Media coverage of your business can generate huge consumer interest and be a big driver of business growth. Having worked in media, I understand what can get a journalist’s news juices flowing. This includes writing a good headline that grabs your reader’s attention, understanding what your reader will find interesting, and structuring the content so that the essential facts of the narrative are delivered for a journalist to build it into a story.

Newsletters & Blogs

With news, tips, special offers, or other incentives, your newsletter and blog can encourage sales by keeping your business firmly in the minds of your current customers and future prospects. To be extremely effective, I can make your copy reflect your brand’s voice and style, and ensure it has the key elements to draw readers in.


An advertorial is a long-form advertisement that reads just like an editorial article. It should deliver a message about your brand, product or service in story form, while reaching and engaging your prospects. I can give your brand a boost by conducting the research and writing copy that is useful, informative and engaging for your readers.

Marketing Brochures

A traditional, but powerful marketing tool, brochures can stir up interest, support sales efforts, and respond to inquiries. Assuming your prospect will only glance at your brochure for a few seconds, the copy has a big job to do to pique their curiosity. I can show who you are and what you do, but, most importantly, I can show your customers how you are going to help them.

Annual Reports

More than just pages of numbers, your annual report is your company’s once-a-year chance to tell your brand story to stakeholders and to attract investors. I can reach out to your senior management or work with your in-house team to create a detailed outline of the key points to be written and capture the key messages you need to get across.

Ad Campaigns

Need a head-turning ad? I can write copy for print and digital ads and radio spots. Once I define your unique selling proposition, your value offer, and your desired call-to-action, I’ll be sure that the words in your ad campaign attracts and gets read.

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