You know your brand inside and out and work tirelessly to deliver exceptional customer experiences. But sometimes, getting that message across to the people who need to hear it most can be tough. If any of the following scenarios sound familiar, it might be time to rethink your copy and marketing strategy:

Your marketing results just aren't reflecting the actual value you offer.

You struggle to connect with your audience and turn them into loyal fans.

You're attracting visitors to your website but need help converting them into leads.

Your content feels stale, boring, and weighed down with industry jargon that puts people to sleep.

You know your product or service is fantastic, but you need to figure out how to convey that to your audience.

Your copy isn't resonating with your customers' deepest desires and needs.

Your team is swamped with tasks and has no time to focus on writing.

You feel like nobody understands your business, so you spend hours writing copy instead of focusing on the big picture.

If any of the above describes you or your
team, don't worry — you're not alone.
The good news? Red Rock can help.

Why brands choose
Red Rock Communications

Are you tired of working with generalist writers who can't quite capture the essence of your brand? Look no further than Red Rock Communications. I have a proven track record of success with high-growth brands. Here's how I differentiate myself:


I specialize in writing for niche markets, meaning I take the time to understand your industry, target audience, and competitors. By doing so, I ensure your copy has authority in your industry.


My sole focus is creating copy that converts, boosts sales, and educates readers. When you work with me, you can trust that you'll get copy that delivers a solid ROI.


I know that good stories move people to action. That's why I concentrate on crafting compelling narratives that make your customers curious and excited to learn more about your product.

You Can Trust

With experience in journalism, communications, PR, and copywriting dating back to the early 2000s, I've honed my research, attention to detail, and conversational writing style to guarantee engaging copy every time.

A Solid

I believe consistently producing high-quality writing requires a streamlined process, from initial research to the final draft. My approach ensures that I deliver well-structured copy that benefits your bottom line.


My ultimate goal is to create high-converting material that boosts your business. If you're not delighted with the final product, I'll rework the copy until it meets your standards.

Paula Kehoe

Copywriter & Brand Journalist

For nearly two decades, I've been sharpening my writing skills in various rolesfrom a journalist to a senior communications consultant for a global financial services company to a freelance copywriter and content writer. With this diverse background, I've gained an impressive foundation of writing, deadlines, strategy, details, and clear communication necessary for top-notch content marketing.

In 2016, I founded Red Rock Communications to create marketing content on business, technology, health and lifestyle topics. My writing projects have garnered a long list of grateful clients (startups, large organizations, and agencies), unexpected creative collaborations and opportunities. My secret to success is my unique blend of creativity, strategic thinking, an innate ability to capture my client's vision and deliver it with precision, and a good sense of humour.

When I'm not writing copy, I love spending time with my husband, two boys, and our adorable yellow Lab, exploring cottage country and all the adventures it has to offer. If you'd like to discuss a writing project, get in touch at 

Want copy that resonates, educates and sells?

Brands I've Written For

Neil Horne
Neil Horne
Paula wrote our marketing materials that helped position us as a leading energy-savings provider in the commercial and industrial sectors that we were trying to establish. Paula asks the right questions and is very thorough in terms of getting the information she needs to get the job done. I appreciate her efficient process and how professional she is. She sharply focused on our target market, and the quality of her writing is great. She made my job much easier.
Jennifer Lamantia
Jennifer Lamantia
Throughout a busy project season and several unpredictable challenges, Red Rock Communications provided seamless and professional communications and marketing support to our organization. Paula worked collaboratively with our team to ensure marketing initiatives were completed on time, over the course of several weeks. This made it possible for us to invest the necessary time and energy into the onboarding of new staff while continuing to maintain operations. Paula is a consummate professional and writer. Working with her was an absolute pleasure.
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