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Red Rock Communications is your source for attention-grabbing, no-nonsense, results-getting copy. 

If you’re here, you’re most likely looking for:

a copywriter for website and marketing
a lead for developing a content strategy
a temporary addition to a creative team

Let me help you get your message out into the world. I’ll learn about your business, your customers, your markets, and your competition. I’ll then apply that knowledge to write copy that meets your business objectives, ensuring you have a high-end client experience from beginning to end. Check out my services for details.

My process for writing effective copy

Research. I’ll send you a brief that helps us get clear on your business goals, value proposition and target audience. The next step is to audit your existing copy to discover its strong points and weaknesses, meet with your subject matter experts or team to gather the essential details that will give your copy authority in your industry.

I’ll review how your competitors are positioning similar products or services, and what your customers are looking for and what makes them buy. Understanding your target audience will help us find language that resonates with them

Writing. Armed with an outline and content, I’ll write copy to ensure that:

  • clearly conveys your brand message
  • matches your brand tone and voice
  • is well-structured and SEO friendly
  • answers any questions that readers may have about why a feature or benefit matters
  • includes testimonials, endorsements or other supporting data
  • addresses potential reader objections to help minimize their risk
  • has strong call to action that motivates readers to say, “sign me up”!

Test for success. To ensure your copy delivers top-notch results, I’ll work with you to create a plan to test how well it’s doing. For example, if you want an alternate headline or call-to-action that you can split test, I can do that, too.

Still reading? Fantastic. Let’s get to work!

We’re up for the challenge to learn about your business, your customers, your markets and your competition. We’ll then apply that knowledge to write copy that meets your business objectives, ensuring you have a high-end client experience from beginning to end. Still reading? Okay. Good. Let’s get to work.

Why Red Rock?

Experience Icon

Experience Matters

15 years of combined communications consulting and journalism experience is brought to the table for each project. Curiosity, research, attention-to-detail and an engaging, conversational writing style guaranteed!

Storytellers Icon

Savvy Storyteller

The tiny details of a brand are the ones that bring a story to life, and for some, live on in advertising lore. Allow me to harness my creativity to get inside the heads of your readers and take them on a journey.

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1:1 Attention

Get one-on-one attention, with a direct line to the person doing the work— me! I guarantee quick responses, maintain a flexible schedule, work efficiently and stick fast to deadlines, all within your budget.


Paula Kehoe

Owner and Copywriter

I’ve been informing, engaging and entertaining audiences through the art of storytelling thanks to 15 years of diverse work. Some of my credentials include working as a journalist for Sun Media, a senior communications consultant for Sun Life Financial, and a writer for independent media company kawarthaNOW, as well as other Canadian print and digital publications. In these roles, I learned to write for a variety of audiences, so you can be assured that I can quickly assess and address your target audience. A huge win for you!

I started Red Rock Communications in 2016, a foundation built from my journalism and communications consulting experience. I support my clients in creating engaging copy that not only captures their brand voice and personality, but converts their ideal audience into loyal customers.

I’m passionate about giving back to my community. From 2016-2018, I volunteered on the Women’s Business Network of Peterborough’s Board of Directors as external communications director. I’ve also handled communications and media for the Peterborough International Women’s Day Conference organizing committee (2016-2019) and the 2019 Bears’ Lair Entrepreneurial Competition organizing committee.

Aside from running Red Rock, you can find me trying to keep up with my two energetic kids, watching foreign crime series or dark comedies, searching for the Holy Grail of sleep (if you know where to find it, I beg you to tell me), and traveling back to my glorious homeland of Newfoundland (yes, I still have my accent. Whadda y’at?!)

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