Landing Page Copy

A singular, focused page can get website visitors to convert to the next stage in the buyer’s journey. It targets a specific audience and promotes a particular product, service or offer.

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Think of a landing page as your salesperson. It understands your customer’s pain points and allows the customer to see themselves in it. The copy mirrors their stage of awareness and taps into their emotions. Once the customer becomes more aware, your campaign turns into a revenue generating machine.

It can be used to…

  • generate leads and enquiries
  • promote an affiliate offer
  • market a course, webinar or live seminar
  • grow your email list
  • increase your search traffic
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But don’t just let anyone write your landing page. You need a copywriter who’ll take the time to get to know your business, target audience and competition, and to zero in on the specific message you want to convey before putting words to the keyboard.

Red Rock Communications offers two service options:

  1. Review and revise your existing landing page so it’s high converting.
  2. Write a fresh landing page using all the elements you need to drive conversions.

Get a landing page that will generate leads with:

  • a clearly stated value proposition with a compelling header and subheads.
  • an outline of the features and benefits – basically the solution to your prospect’s problem.
  • testimonials and other forms of social proof.
  • a strong offer and call-to-action so prospects can’t say no.

Landing Page Portfolio

Trent University Online

“Paula wrote our marketing materials that helped position us as a leading energy-savings provider in the commercial and industrial sectors that we were trying to establish. Paula asks the right questions and is very thorough in terms of getting the information she needs to get the job done. I appreciate her efficient process and how professional she is. She sharply focused on our target market, and the quality of her writing is great. She made my job much easier.”

Neil Horne

GoldLeaf Energy Systems

“Paula wrote copy for various large website projects we developed on very tight deadlines. She’s a highly competent writer who takes direction well and captures the spirit and voice of the brands she’s writing about. Paula asks the right questions to structure all the information and uncover the missing components to create clear and valuable SEO website content that tells our client’s story and describes their services perfectly. She’s professional when communicating with our team and clients and is a pleasure to work with. Paula has our highest recommendation.”

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Emmatt Digital Solutions Inc.

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