My writing process keeps us on the same page and gives you an idea of what working with me is like.

Getting Started

Once we decide if I'm a good fit for your project, we’ll set up a meeting to chat about out where you are with your business and how I can wrangle you better results through great copy. We’ll also touch on:

  • Your business goals and customers
  • Timelines, budget and project expectations

Proposal + Quote + Agreement

You’ll receive a project proposal to review and approve. It will include:

  • Scope of work + writing strategy plan
  • Fixed-price quote based on estimated length and complexity. My rates are transparent so you have the reassurance of only paying for time spent.

Happy with the quote? I’ll send you an agreement to sign and return by email. It seals the deal and we’re in business.

Research + Analysis

Before I start writing, I'll get to know your business inside out, including:

  • Your offer, positioning, specific market, ideal customer, buyer's journey, and objections they might have.
  • Competitor research to understand where your brand fits among your competitors, and how you can stand out.
  • Your tone or brand requirements.
  • Customer interviews to gather deep insight and information about your best customers.
  • Review mining to collect the main themes from what customers think about you.

Content Audit

If you have existing content, the next step is to do an audit to check its strong points and where it needs improvement, including tone, flow and other elements. I can also meet with your team or subject matter experts to gather key details that will give your copy authority in your industry.

Drafting Content

Time to start writing! I’ll take everything I learned combing through my research and turn it into a strong first draft.

  • The copy will be structured and may be based on design, formatting and other persuasive elements.
  • I’ll send the first draft to you to review and provide feedback.
  • If it’s needed, I’ll polish it up until it’s to your standard (every project has two rounds of revisions at no extra charge).
  • After you sign off, I’ll send the final drafts to your design/web development team, and an invoice to you with payment terms.


Release your copy to the masses and watch it work for you! I’m always interested to hear about any feedback you receive or the results you achieve if you have the opportunity to gather and share them.

Split Testing

Split testing is typically worked into the initial client proposal.

Now that your copy is published, it’s time to test if it’s performing well and delivering the results you want. If you think it can be doing better based on the data you’ve gathered, I’ll make tweaks to improve its performance and conversion rates. It could be something as straightforward as an alternate headline or call-to-action. Even the smallest edits over time can reap bigger results.

Matthew Savino
Matthew Savino
Managing Partner & Senior Consultant
Paula’s expertise was invaluable in bringing our web content for up to speed and making it attractive to a wider audience. She had great ideas and a good feel for the tone we wanted to convey. The voice that Paula used in creating the new content was on-target and appropriate to our audience. We’ve had a positive response from clients who have viewed the new website and have noticed an increase in organic traffic to the site.
Anne Levy-Ward
Anne Levy-Ward
Former Managing Editor
Sun Life Financial
Paula has the gift of making serious topics engaging, understandable and, when appropriate, entertaining. She’s prompt, reliable and thoroughly professional. She has written several articles for that have rung up great readership and sharing numbers.
Take your copy from good (enough) to great.