Media Release Copywriting

Media coverage of your company or organization can generate huge consumer interest and be a big driver of business growth. As a former journalist, I understand what can get a journalist’s news juices flowing. This includes writing a good headline that grabs the reader’s attention, understanding what readers will find interesting, and structuring the content so that the essential facts of the narrative are delivered for a journalist to build it into a story.

A media release will represent your business or organization in the best possible light. That requires a proper understanding of how your business works, who your target audience is, and the kind of challenges you might face. Together, let’s build and manage your reputation.

Here’s a small sample of media releases I’ve written:

rPM³ Launches New Global Sailing Risk Assessment to Help Sailors Weigh Potential Risks of Transoceanic Sailing

Rainmaker Worldwide delivers its first Air-to-Water unit to Sri Lanka to assist with water crisis in drought prone country

Innomane Inc. announces Health Canada approval and Canadian launch of Diaronex, an over-the-counter herbal remedy to help relieve diarrhea

Sun Life Financial supports world class research to improve the mental health and well-being of Canadians

Pfizer announces new round of Psychiatry Research Awards recipients