Well-written, influential articles are paramount to the success of your marketing. It creates greater brand awareness, educates and builds deeper conversations with your readers – leading to better retention and more sales.


I take a journalistic approach to creating content

You want your content to stand out, be authentic and make a lasting impression on your readers.

As a trained journalist, I'm skilled at research, interviewing subjects matter experts and finding the right angles. I can take complex topics and drill them down into easy-to-read articles. And, I can write under pressure when big deadlines are looming. 

Need SEO? No problem. I’ll add relevant keywords you need into the copy.

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Article Writing Samples

Here’s a selection of content I’ve written in some of my specialty areas.
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Explore articles I’ve written for media company, kawarthaNOW, with a focus on business, technology and lifestyle.

Personal Finance

5 smart ways to prepare for your new baby — Sun Life Financial
How to protect your credit when you marry into debt — Sun Life Financial

Anne Levy-Ward
Anne Levy-Ward
Former Managing Editor
Sun Life Financial
Paula has the gift of making serious topics engaging, understandable and, when appropriate, entertaining. She’s prompt, reliable and thoroughly professional. She has written several articles for that have rung up great readership and sharing numbers.
Carrie Wakeford
Carrie Wakeford
Executive Director
Literacy Ontario Central South
Paula has been assisting Literacy Ontario Central South with the development of content for our blog. She’s is a great collaborator and works with our timelines. She has completed interviews and written great individual profiles. She knows what questions to ask to gather stories and really captures the spirit of the person and the profiles which are all unique. Since we started adding blog posts to our website, our online search results have improved tremendously. We often come up on page one of Google search pages.
Shockingly delicious copy.